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About Rinshu

Rinshu Ultra High-Definition Sound System is a revolutionary speaker that uses curved wood amplification which transmits what are usually inaudible frequencies to the human body by utilizing extensive high-end sound production techniques, that studies have proven to have positive therapeutic benefits.
Hand-made by Japanese craftsmen, Rinshu is designed in the form of a sail boat to specifically create the unique sound that is transmitted to mimic acoustic wooden instruments creating a therapeutic music experience.
The system includes an automatically updated online sound library featuring more than 170 songs and 15 hours of live music recorded in 24-bit 96KHz created and composed purely for peace and comfort. The highly sophisticated system was created by founder Norihiko Hibino, a celebrated musician and sound designer, known for his works in the worldwide music and video game industries.


RINSHU  -Ultra High-Definition Sound System - US Patented