Mind・Body ・Spirit Healing Just For You

Can music be healing

“Music can be a healing, that's a fishy story!!”

I myself was thinking so for a long time. I had hardly felt relaxed by listening to so-called-healing-music CDs. Rather than that, actually they woke me up because my ears as a sound engineer picked them up.

As a matter of fact, data from previous research reported that the music woke brain up.

But at some point I noticed that my recognition as “Music=Sound” was actually not correct. As sound frequency rises higher and higher, it becomes electromagnetic wave, and becomes light. On the flip side, when it comes lower we feel as uncomfortable pulse. It told me that recognizing only percept we receive by our eardrums as sound (=compression wave) is a very narrow sense. That is to say, everything is ”Pulse”.

Besides, our perceptual organ is not ear only. When you stand on a perspective of receiving the pulse, skin, cell, or any other organs can be perceptual organs. Not only outside. But also inside, there is a group of neurons called Intrinsic Cardiac Neuron (ICN) system in the heart. There are one hundred million neurons in intestine, they transfer substance such as serotonin. That means, comfortable pulse or uncomfortable pulse “Is not a matter if you cover your ears” doesn’t make sense. Further, it’s very possible that a whole body feels and receive any kind of pulse as signals.

The risk of strong sound, convenient sound

I had involved with commercial music as a music producer for about 15 years. Composition, arrange, musician, recording, mix, even the audio environment,,,,add everything and coordinate music in total way was my job. I also researched how to create “Strong sound” from the very beginning(material) stage through collaborative works with companies in Hollywood.

Once you can handle a hot curry, you want a hotter curry. It’s same in an entertainment world, we tend to want stronger hypos. The body begins screaming out for sure as you keep going. It’s same in the world of sound. It gets hard to tell where the borderline between the real and the virtual is. And it leads to a cycle of bursting out in anger, dissatisfaction, depressions, cliquishness, get drunk・・・then drug habits.

Using natural soup stock, cook with human body-friendly recipes, and eat it. We need exact the same way in music as well indeed. But musicians are educated as “ How you express yourself through your performance” or “How you play well with less mistakes” , so they leave about the listeners on the back-burner. Saying in cooking, it’s like all the cooks try to be “Iron Chefs”, being on TV shows, keep cooking without thinking about your family’s health at all.

Actually the dangerous traps are hidden in “Compressed File” which has become common to us because we can listen via our smartphones so easily. Of course it cuts the bands that we can’t hear, but further, it “culls” similar bands. It’s just like eating instant noodles all the time. How would your body go if you keep eating like this?

That is to say, sound makers, sound deliverers, all their attitudes give huge influences to the comprehensive senses of human.

RINSHU's value(1):The music with embracing and prayers just for you

If, those sound makers and sound deliverers make music consistently caring for “ Mind・Body・Spirit Healing only for one person”, wouldn’t they make something wonderful?!

That’s where the RINSHU’s concept was born. Those who live under stresses, or fighting diseases….or who give cares for those people, or with various difficulties, depression, insomnia,,,, RINSHU has developed to aim for deliver “HOPE” to those kind of people.

RINSHU is a revolutionary audio・pulse generator using amplification by curved boards.15 hours-songs recorded with world topnotch quality , also contains much of higher frequencies than our hearing range come with it, so you can enjoy this beautiful sound from the very day you receive it.

Technology of RINSHU’s sound system that creates sounds by the vibration from its canvas to the whole body are patented in Japan and U.S.The pulse reaches your body beyond the limits of humans’ hearing ability just like real musical instruments.

RINSHU’s essence is not only this. Research using a brain wave verified that RINSHU gives a good effect on human’s tranquilization and the deepest sleep. Of course we didn’t deserve this evidence from the beginning. But we accept this as the strong influence power of “Sound” and “Pulse” for human has reconfirmed.

RINSHU's value(2):Heartful craftwork

Artistic value is another allure of RINSHU.Each and every yacht is made by a traditional chest and drawers maker of paulownia wood of Kamo, well known place for their high-quality-products, with all his heart. The body is made by natural wood of Paulownia grown in Niigata pref.

Some time ago, the chests and the drawers were valuable things that ladies could take as marital packages to use for all their lives. In fact, they have the qualities to last that long if you do maintenance well.

It also was “an Article” of the craftsperson who sacrificed his/her life. Of course it comes with Lifetime Guarantee. Selling is not the end, but it’s just the beginning of a lifetime companion. Looking good, gorgeous, last for a few years maybe, and when it gets broken you can throw away…good ad phrase and marketing add the value…we were totally on the other side from the thought of nowadays.

Craftsperson use knives all the time in this area, they cut their fingers once or twice by accident for real. We think there's nothing wrong with it even if this kind of product made under his sacrifice gets a decent price.

Is traditional art really expensive? We need to think about it carefully. For example, you buy a ¥30,000 chest which can be used for about 3 years , you will have to buy a new one after 3 years. The average length of life is 80, even if we count half( as chest-buying-age) you will use ¥400,000 over a lifetime. Not only the cost, but this system produces much disposal and environmental destruction. Its damage is bigger than we estimate.

On the other hand, the total expense will be the same if you use a ¥400,000 chest for 40 years. Most of all, it won’t produce any disposal during those years, it helps the forest metabolism which is very good.

We believe that the artwork with love, made in return for craftsperson’s life, will travel to those who understand its value. No matter how long it takes, no matter how hard it is, we have to keep doing otherwise the spirits of traditional crafts will die. Passing down the value. I believe that’s another important mission of me.

RINSHU's value(3):A design to connect the heaven and the earth

RINSHU’s mast is the Cross. The cross stands on the deck which means its ground, and a ball shaped ornament on top of the Cross represents heaven, and our Heavenly Father, God.

The sails that stretches from the sky to the ground represents the Grace falling on us from Heaven. But it connects the ground which means us only with a fine pin.

It features the fact that the Grace of God rains down on us abundantly, but we need to adjust our focus to receive it. When we give the Prayers of Thanksgiving, the Hope to get over the problems will be given to us.

The sound playing by its drive system is our Praise and Prayer to God. The prayers poured out by the musicians are made into the pulse with higher frequencies than humans’ hearing range, and are delivered to the listeners. Set list of RINSHU was made by cordial musicians that understood and agreed with our thoughts politely and graciously with prayers.

Also, views of beautiful nature of Niigata are packed in it. You can enjoy a slide show along with the music when you connect with a monitor via HDMI terminal.